Flew off on Thai Airways on the 7th of Jan. Being the last minute person I’ve always been, I left the final packing till the flight date itself. Lucky my mom helped me to pack, or I might never have got everything in on time. As it turned out, the extra 10 kg baggage allowance I got from Thai airways was totally necessary. Even with that, my luggage was still overweight.

I think the check in staff saw the size of my backpack and insisted on weighing it. Of course it was heavier than 7 kg, so I had to take out some stuff and reweigh it. However they don’t really enforce so I put the stuff back after that. After all, who goes on exchange without a laptop and camera?

Thanks to all those who came to send me off. I really appreciate it. To EH and van, I’ve forgotten what you told me already 😛

This was my first time flying totally alone. Quite a bore actually. The entire flight was in darkness. The aircraft to Bangkok had those personal entertainment screens, so I managed to catch nearly all of City of Ember. Missed a bit of the ending cause the plane landed. Everytime an inflight announcement is made, the movie will be paused, but when it resumes, it’ll skip ahead a little. Good thing it was on demand video, so could rewind and watch the bits I missed.

Bangkok airport is really large. I walked like 300-400m just to reach the first intersection and find a transit counter. After getting my boarding pass checked, I had to walk to the other end of the terminal. Signs indicated that it’s 700m away. Quite a distance, but there are travellators, which made it easier. Managed to find my fellow NUS SEP student sy there. We happened to be on the same flight although we didn’t book together.

The 10+ hour flight to Stockholm was a total bore. There was no inflight entertainment, they didn’t even have playing cards any more. Thank to winter, the whole flight was in darkness. Wasn’t much use in having a window seat, it just made it very troublesome to get out and walk around or go to the toilet. At least it was overnight, so much of the time was spent sleeping. During the final 2 hours of a flight, they showed some cowboy movie. Being in front of the main screens, I got to watch it on a tiny CRT TV hanging from the top of the aisle. One side of the screen was slightly blocked by the bulkhead. Landing was a most welcome relief.


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