Initial Days

Here’s a picture of the sunrise at Lappis.

Lappis Sunrise

It’s much easier to get sunrises here than back home, especially right after landing. A bit of jet lag made it easy to sleep early and rise early, plus the sun rises late in winter, most convenient.

There was a tour organised by the International Student’s Service (ISS) on the 9th. When we got there, we found out what their idea of a tour was. They gave us a piece of paper with some directions and explanations of the various landmarks along the way. There were some questions we could answer too. We could either find our own way around or follow one of the student volunteers. We started by following one of them around, but he was going way too fast and there was no time to relax and appreciate what was written on the paper. In the end a few of us fell behind and decided to follow the paper ourselves.

It was a nice sunny day with blue skies. Made it a bit tricky to get good pictures cause there was so much contrast. Here are some pictures from our walk around the city.

The final part involved climbing up to some place for a drink or something, but it was quite late by then so we didn’t bother but went to check out Ikea instead.

The Ikea was really quite large, and we went around the entire showroom before heading to the warehouse area to pick up a few things. I wanted to get a pair of slippers so this seemed like a good time.

After wandering around, we found this pair of slippers for 19 SEK, then went to the cashier to pay. That was when we realised that the sign actually said 19 SEK is for members, while the non member price is 39 SEK. However, when the cashier found out we couldn’t speak Swedish, she gave us the discount anyway. Now this is an excellent example of employees who are enpowered to make decisions to achieve customer satisfaction. Something which is severely lacking in sg stores. I went back recently and saw the price notice again. Indeed, beside the price of 19 was written memberpris, which clearly means member price, but it was something we both didn’t see the first time.

Ikea Slippers


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