Sunny Winter Morning

Woke up early again and realised that it was a beautiful day, so I went off to Lappis beach to try to take some photos.

Lappis Sunrise

Here’s one of the first pictures I took. If you look closely you’ll see that the water is frozen.

Tree in ice

Walking further along the coast, I came across this fallen tree in the ice.

Beautiful sky

My favourite picture of the morning. Beautiful sky colour. The trees blocked the view of the sunrise though, but this will do.

Lappis Beach

Here’s a picture of the beach after the sun came up. The water near the edge is frozen, but nope, I didn’t go test it.

Bus stop

A picture of one of the bus stops. The clear plastic walls are really appreciated on a cold winter day when the wind blows.

Cheese and more cheese!!

This isn’t the full selection of cheese available. The whole fridge is about twice the length as what the picture shows, and there is still another section some distance away which sells yet more types of cheese.

Art in metro

Here’s an example of the artwork in their metro system. Every station has something different and they’re really quite interesting.


One Response to “Sunny Winter Morning”

  1. Yes! I agree that the bus stop walls are definitely welcome on a wintry day. Even at metros. Do they provide little light fixtures on the wall which heat you up? They had quite a few of that in Boston!

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