The City at Night

We had the ISS campus tour in the morning. They led a large group of clueless exchange students around the campus, attempting to explain the various buildings. Most of us couldn’t hear a thing so we followed along blindly and chatted.

Free red bull

Just like in SG, there are red bull girls handing out cans of free red bull. I like the car, very eye catching.


Here’s one of the courtyards. It just looks nice, I have no idea what the significance of this place is besides the fact that the afternoon’s information meeting is somewhere around here.

After the info meeting, it was about 4 plus, but the sky was totally dark. No matter, we headed off to explore Gamla Stan and the city area at night.

Gamla Stan street at night

Here’s a picture of one of the side streets at night.

Royal Palace

After walking out from Gamla Stan, we moved along to the water side and saw the Royal Palace at night.


The parliament building at night. I only found out what it’s called and its significance some time later, but that’ll be another story. At that time it was enough that it looked pretty.


One of the major shopping streets at night.

Pretty street decor

This is just some pretty looking street decor.


During the city tour, I took a picture of this street and the stars too, but it was during the day. Now at night, with the lights on, the stars simply look beautiful.


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  1. Nice blog… Love the photos.

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