To the airport

Since yh and zq were arriving, I wanted to figure out how to get to the airport to meet them, without spending a cent if possible. Wikipedia revealed that there IS a way to reach the airport from the city using SL public transport all the way, meaning that my travelcard is valid. For those who don’t know, take the pendaltag J36 to Märsta (the last stop), then transfer to bus 583 or 583X. It’s actually quite convenient because the buses are timed to the train schedule, so once you get there, you don’t have to wait too long before the bus leaves.

I missed the subway train I wanted to take at first, so I was left with 15 mins to wander around Universitetet. The station was deserted so early in the morning.


Some of you may have heard or read about the artwork in Stockholm’s subway network. Every station is different. Some samples from Universitetet are shown below.




Deserted station in the morning

Deserted station in the morning

Managed to meet zq and yh at the airport. They saw me in the arrival hall, a very good thing since they had no local handphone numbers here yet, so we had to rely on the old fashioned way of meeting up. Here’s a picture of Arlanda’s control tower on a clear winter morning.

Arlanda Control Tower

I went back to Lappis after that. Security here is kind of like the one at PGP. First an electronic tag is needed to get into each block, then a security code is needed for the corridor, and finally you use the key to get into your own room.

Here’s what the security pad looks like.

corridor security

corridor security

After seeing overcast skies for the past few days, it looked like it was going to be a beautiful clear day, so I headed off to the beach again to take some pictures.

Sunrise through the trees

View from Lappis Beach

View of homes across the water


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