Lappis Life

If you’re wondering what I’ve been eating, here’s a picture from one of the earlier days of life at Lappis.



Mashed potatoes and meatballs. Since none of us really knows how to cook, we make stuff up as we go along, with the main objective being not to get food poisoning.

Our favourite sentence of self consolation is, “This can be eaten raw right?”, cause we generally aren’t too sure when something is cooked or not. But it’s getting better, especially now that our cooking group expands sometimes. It takes about 2-3 hours to do everything but it’s much more fun with more people.

So here’s a negative example of what I sometimes eat when there’s no one to cook with.

Microwave Meal

Microwave Meal

Just a really simple microwaved meal. Fuss free and convenient, but can’t be too healthy. The hotdog is split, this is what happens when you poke it with a fork while it’s still in the water.

The pictures below show what the kitchen looks like.

Kitchen sink and cupboards

Kitchen sink and cupboards

Electric stove

Electric stove

Very convenient to use, but also a bit dangerous because it’s not obvious which ones are hot.

It’s been snowing occasionally, so I took the chance to catch a snowflake from my window.

Snow on sleeve

Snow on sleeve

The view at Lappis can be really good. Here’s a picture of the moon over Lappis.


There’s actually a forest behind the buildings, and a large park just nearby. The scenery there is beautiful in winter.



This picture below of a fork in the road inspired me to write about the road not taken. However, I’m certainly not Robert Frost, so it probably doesn’t evoke the same feelings.

Two roads diverged in a snowy wood

Two roads diverged in a snowy wood

Two roads diverged in a snowy wood,
and I,
I took the one I travelled by,
for it was the shortest way to my warm cosy room.


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