Swedish Dinner

Part of the welcome activities organised by the student’s union included a Swedish dinner, which was a chance for us to experience Swedish food. It cost 150 SEK.

Here’s a picture of the appetiser.



It was some bread-like thing with what tasted like a cheese filling. Not too bad.

While waiting for the main course to be served, the toastmaster led us in party and drinking songs found in a songbook which had been left at all the places. He wasn’t too successful cause everyone was busy having their own conversations. They have a student group called PQ whose job is to provide entertainment at parties. Here you can see them in their yellow shirts.


They danced, sang and played musical instruments. While not on duty they each had a reserved seat in the middle of each table.

Here’s the main course. Chicken and potatoes in some sauce. A bit too salty but otherwise quite good.

Main course

Main course

In between they got various nationalities to go up on stage to sing. There was also plenty of alcohol. They also served 2 shot glasses of alcohol, which to me smelt like the ethanol they use as fuel in their buses. The stuff is really strong so I gave most of mine to a German guy who was trying rather unsuccessfully to get drunk.


The alcohol is the one in the little shot glass beside the can of Fanta. The large cup to the right holds water, which is what I drank most of the time.

Finally, dessert was served.



Some kind of cake and a sauce. Not too bad.

It took very long in between courses, so here’s what engineers do when bored.

Tower of Beer cans

Tower of Beer cans

They even tried to secure it with the decorative ribbons on the table. It was going rather well but the irritating PQ guy you can see in the yellow shirt there seemed to be jealous of their success and kept banging the table and blowing at the tower.

We actually hoped that there would be more food cause what they had served us so far wasn’t very filling, and we certainly hoped to try more types of Swedish food. Unfortunately, that was all, except for another shot glass of punch (ie more alcohol).

After the meal, everyone went outside to party. Overall, it was quite a ripoff. Seemed like an excuse for a party and a chance to get drunk, disguised under the noble objective of allowing international students to try Swedish food. If you drink a lot, it would probably have been worth it. There was lots of alcohol to make your money worth it.

KTH emblem

KTH emblem

Here’s a picture of the KTH emblem, taken when we left after most people had adjourned to the dance floor. The words mean “Science and Art”, with ‘art’ in this case referring to technology.


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